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leave it all behind
It's been ages since the last time he hung out with his friends- his real friends, not the freaky bunch of weirdos Hanna has dragged into his life- and they all give him shit for it as soon as he arrives at the bar. "Man," Rob says, laughing, "we thought you'd fuckin' died," and Conrad really wishes his answering laugh didn't sound quite so weak.
"I've been working a lot," he says, which isn't actually a denial (as that'd be a lie, he definitely died) but also isn't actually an explanation, not really, not for how completely absent he's been for months. No one calls him on it, though, they just make mocking noises about Conrad Achenleck, wildly successful freelancer, and then Terri starts in bitching about how much her own job's been keeping her busy, and Conrad can start to relax a little.
Being around actual people, normal people, is weird; he keeps wanting to touch his neck, his scars, self-consciously, but he knows better than to draw attention to them. Nobody's noticed yet, or if
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Mature content
oh so madly :iconspookmouse:SpookMouse 89 62
Mature content
got no direction :iconspookmouse:SpookMouse 39 32
little bit harmful
Some of his books, he's noticed, have gone missing. He can't actually prove that Worth's taken them- he's never seen the man pocket one, or spotted one on the grubby desk of his office or anything- but hell, it's not like he really needs proof to blame him anyway. But trying to fight with him to get them back seems like a lost cause, so fuck it, he figures, and heads to the bookstore.
The Barnes & Noble in the mall isn't huge, but it's got all of what he's after and it's good enough to wander around in for a bit, at least. He's actually enjoying himself, right up until he turns a corner in the fiction shelves and nearly bumps into Worth.
They both pause, staring at each other; Worth doesn't exactly look startled, or sheepish, but sort of both of those at once mixed together with the usual smugness, condescension, and grime. His own mouth, he's pretty sure, is hanging open (seriously, Worth in a book shop?) but he can't even be self-conscious enough right now to car
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progress of production
The building looks so dilapidated that he fears, at first, that it's been abandoned; he checks the card twice to be certain he has the correct address. Only a light flickering in an upstairs window confirms that there's anyone in residence at all. And there's no guarantee it isn't just a vagrant.
He's no less dubious once he actually reaches the door to room 306 (the numbers are falling off, not a particularly good sign) but he's come this far, and at least there's enough noise within to indicate someone's there. So he knocks.
There's a crash from inside the flat, followed by a thump, a muffled curse, and someone calling "Um- just a moment!" He waits patiently; a moment later there's a rather loud bang and a few curls of black smoke blow out from under the door. Hm.
More smoke clouds out when the door opens, momentarily obscuring the figure of the small, soot-streaked man before him. "Er, sorry about that," he says, attempting to wave the smoke away but only succeeding in
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green and seething
For the most part, their cases are pretty straightforward. Someone turns up at Hanna's door, or drops off a note for them at the Rabbit Hole, or calls (when Hanna's phone is actually working) and from there they sort out what they're dealing with and how to handle it.
But occasionally, problems find them directly, no hiring necessary. Which means they don't get paid, though that doesn't seem to dim Hanna's enthusiasm any. Not much ever does, so far as he can tell.
They're walking home from the movie theater- Hanna happily dissecting which of the film's (many) explosions had been his favorite- when their latest adventure crashes into them, somewhat literally. Or crashes into Hanna, at least.
"Jesus, fuck!" The boy scrambles back to his feet, wide-eyed and frantic and nearly shoving past them as he's busy helping Hanna back up. "Fucking run, there's a goddamn dragon, swear to god, holy shit run, man!" And he takes off, following his own advice.
Hanna, entirely predictably,
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It hadn't exactly been snooping, not really. He'd just been cleaning. Hanna always seemed to appreciate it, so obviously he didn't mind, so it wasn't as if he'd been doing anything wrong.
Though, true, when he'd found the old date book, he hadn't had to flip through it. He still isn't quite sure why he'd done it at all; it was marked 2007, and unlikely to have anything important in it. But still, he'd flipped through, and seen the sticker, and paused.
November 29.
The date didn't mean anything; it had passed the year before with no particular significance that he could recall, no fuss on Hanna's part, no packages in the mail.
But there's the sticker, sparkling back at him. A glitter sticker, of course. Of a cupcake. With a candle in it.
It may be time for some detective work.
The first (really, the only) person he can think to ask is Worth. It's strange, and a bit sad, to realize that no one else has known Hanna for anywhere near as long, and that- with the possible e
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ZOMG BFFS :iconspookmouse:SpookMouse 4 2
Mature content
just another regret :iconspookmouse:SpookMouse 39 65
ABRIDGED: led by the current
They still do movie nights, but now they get to cuddle during, something Hanna is pretty retardedly delighted by. To be fair, at the moment he's pretty delighted by the world, because he's still in kind of a post-orgasmic/post-nap fog of goodwill towards everything. Even crummy movies, and The Fourth Kind is pretty fucking crummy.
But hey, awesome fact: he can now ignore movies in favor of makeout time. It's kinda aimless, since they're both still all sated and lazy, but it's nice, so unbelievably nice, to be able to just settle in Cillian's lap and pull him into a kiss and get kissed back and then kinda lose track of time, not that it matters since there's nothing they need to be doing right now anyway.
Which of course is when there's a knock on the door. "Mmf," he mumbles unhappily, and steals one last kiss before climbing off the sofa, hopping back into his jeans on the way to the door. He doesn't bother looking through the peep hole thing (he never does, where's the f
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led by the current :iconspookmouse:SpookMouse 93 82
speaking in code
It doesn't actually start with breakfast. That's part of it, yeah, but it's not the reason, not exactly. Well okay it's sort of related- but anyway. Breakfast. It's not about that.
What it's actually about- how it actually starts- is the library, which is kinda nerdy but, he thinks, kinda cute too, sort of geek-romantic or something.
Oh, but the library isn't really the point either.
Okay, so the actual point is: he's in love with Galahad(/Tecumseh/Imhotep/Plotinus/whatever). He has been for kind of a while now. And it starts, partly, with the library.
He mostly works during the day, and Plotinus doesn't sleep, which he figures has to add up to a lot of time spent being bored. Of course when Hanna brings it up he gets a "No, I don't mind. I don't get bored easily" in response, which is plainly crazy talk.
So he comes up with the idea of the library on his own. If he had a bunch of time to kill, he'd probably spend it on movies or something, but Plotinus seems, y'kn
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heart in his throat
Hanna doesn't ever like to be without a shirt. He'd noticed it before, in a vague sort of way; it becomes more obvious the first time they kiss (well, by that point more like the twenty-third time they've kissed, but still within the bounds of the first one) when he moves to touch Hanna's stomach and Hanna shies away as if he's been burned.
He doesn't push; just keeps kissing him, settles a hand on his hip instead. For the moment, it seems, that's enough.
The next time, Hanna pulls at his shirt instead, tugs off his tie and undoes the buttons slowly, seemingly fascinated by his scars. They're interesting, he supposes; not very nice to look at, but not anything he thinks much of, either. But Hanna seems to like them, taking his time mapping the shapes first by fingertips, then with lips and tongue, trailing kisses that make him shift with half-surprised arousal. Pleasure, like pain, was something he hadn't really thought he could feel any longer; he's glad to be wrong, this time.
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Mature content
regrets and mistakes :iconspookmouse:SpookMouse 60 102
feeling the night grow old
He does his best to protect Hanna, to keep him from running into danger (or at least stop him from doing so too frequently or too enthusiastically), and he likes to think he does a decent job of it. Considering the inherently dangerous profession Hanna has chosen, anyway.
Still, he thinks, he should've realized that he can't protect Hanna from everything, that some things- no matter how much he might want to help- are inevitable.
"Ugh," Hanna groans, and burrows further underneath the nest of blankets currently dominating his mattress.
It had started two days ago; Hanna had woken up coughing, and kept it up through breakfast. "I'm fine, Machiavelli!" he'd insisted, waving off any concerns with a grin (and another cough). He'd settled for making Hanna wear his old scarf; in retrospect, the fact that Hanna hadn't even bothered to tease him for being over-protective should've been the first sign that things were going to get worse.
That night, Hanna had collapsed onto the mattress still m
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throw every last care away
Somehow they come out of an encounter with a harpy- an actual, literal harpy, not just another woman like Conrad's sire- with nothing more than a few scrapes and bruises on Hanna's part and the need for a few new stitches on his.
There is collateral damage, though. "Oh," Hanna says, staring in dismay at the triple row of gashes on the cuff of his jacket. Those had come from putting an arm up to shove the harpy away from Hanna, so he's just fine with having his clothes (not important; easily fixed or replaced) torn up, rather than Hanna (very important; not easily fixed; impossible to replace).
He pokes at the gashes, a little amazed his arm isn't unfixably mangled right now. Lucky. "It's alright. It's not as though I really need it, anyway." He shrugs the jacket off, starts to drape it over his arm but on second thought drapes it around Hanna's shoulders instead.
Hanna, who'd looked like he was about to argue, closes his mouth immediately. Even in the dim light, the flush on his cheeks
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Lorenzo Thatch eyed the case file in front of him. It was nothing particularly special, just a basic, run of the mill case. A concerned teacher doing the Right Thing. Nothing Special.
Lorenzo ruffled a hand through his dark hair and began rereading the file.
Hanna Falk Cross, 14 years old and male (strange, with a name like Hanna...). Teachers at his school noticed his increased absences, as well as weight loss, dark circles under his eyes and bruises on his arms. Once again, Nothing Special. All Lorenzo had to do was to go to the boy's house, make sure there was nothing off with the boy and his parents.
Nothing Special.
Maybe Lorenzo should have noticed that all the blinds were closed before he knocked on the door of 576 Maple street. Lorenzo did notice that the grass was uncut and he made a quick note on his pad before rapping on the door. He hears muffled footsteps and 'whump', a few mumble curses and then the door opens. A lanky boy of 14, Hanna Falk Cross no doubt, peers at Lore
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for anyone who has a desire to see what i get up to IRL, or see what kind of dumb shit i'm into, or just, y'know, occasionally reaffirm that i am in fact not dead, you can now follow me on tumblr.

i used to really prize my anonymity but since i think at this point i've pretty much dropped off the fandom radar, i'm not much bugged by it anymore. so hey now you can like see what the hell i look like and junk. i mean i don't really post pictures of myself a whole lot, but sometimes.

so yeah i am alive and... uhhh idk that's it i guess. still writing that dumb harry potter fic, i dropped it for a bit but went back to it the other day. also started writing a fic for this movie called Paul which i don't think a whole lot of people saw but man guys it is so great and nerdy and delightful. unfortunately i am a moron and both fics in question are INSANELY EPIC, and i went in with full knowledge of this. i'm not really sure why i do this to myself. why do i never have ideas for short things? i am dumb. these are going to be like big bang-length fics, and one is for a fairly unpopular pairing and the other is for a movie that has no fandom to speak of whatsoever. self-indulgence, thy name is spook.

the sad thing about working in a theme park is that we do not close for holidays, in fact we are usually busier than at other times of the year because people are on vacation and all. i'll probably be off for christmas but man, next week is going to suuuuck that place is going to be insane.

anyway. lerp derp. not much else to say i guess. i really miss fandom, it's kind of strange the ways in which i'm reminded of it out of nowhere. i keep running across people, total strangers as far as i know, referencing HINABN on tumblr. that is SO WEIRD for me! i feel like it's such a small, private thing, this thing we shared between only a few of us, so when i see it mentioned elsewhere i want to be like WHO ARE YOU??? DO WE KNOW EACH OTHER but a) that is weird and b) we probably don't, because hanna was bigger than i realized. i miss it.

downerrrr! now i am going to look at cat pictures to cheer myself up.


United States

i'm not around much these days but you can still find all my old fic if you want to i guess! eventually i'll probably add something new, i mean, i've got a lot of half-finished drafts that i'm still interested in so it's probably just a matter of time and motivation.

anyway. call me spook! or don't, i guess? i'm not your mom, w/e


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Subsequently, I also discovered your Nny/Edgar fics, and WOW. I have never shipped anything in JtHM before, let alone slash. It just didn't seem probable. But your fics actually make it plausible, and you've got Nny's personality down to a T, which is damn near impossible for anyone to pull off – I can really hear his voice in your fics, and his interactions with Edgar actually make SENSE and there's real, valid emotion while still keeping the same dry humor and randomness of Vasquez's works, and just. I'm gonna have to stop myself here because I really cannot possibly further express my undying love for your writing.

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Have you checked out anything by Scott Lynch yet?
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aw wow thanks so much! I'm glad you feel I capture Tessa's characters right, even though I'm making them do extremely non-canon things ;D I think part of what helps me to write them, honestly, is that I have read and reread the entire comic several times! plus all of the Q&A stuff Tessa's done in her journal. so it's like I've drilled as much information about them (and the way she writes them) into my head as possible.

also, just sayin', I am an awful lot like Hanna IRL so that probably helps a lot, haha

anyway. thank you!! :heart:!
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